Stitch Fix May 2016

I just had my two-year anniversary with Stitch Fix. Awe. I have been liking my fixes more and more. Thank you Stitch Fix for sharing one of my recent pictures on Pinterest (see it here)! Some spring-into-summer trends I’m digging include Indigo Blues and Bohemian. This fix hit those both on the head.

Here is what I received in this month’s box:

  1. Mavi Carrie Released Hem Denim Gaucho JeansIMG_0249


I was very hesitant on these but once I put them on I fell in love. The high waist, the cut and the hem details.

2. Unpublished Jordanna Pleated Aline Skirt: beautiful eyelet details and fit me perfectly. Great neutral piece with a bit of flair.



3. Free Heart Kinderhook Chambray Top: great versatile piece that pretty much goes with anything. The straps are a bit too long for me so I’ll be taking them in.


I’m wearing it today:


4. Diba Tango Fringe Sandal (in pic above with the skirt): the leather on these is beautiful. I had pinned these (here) and they will be a lovely addition to my summer wardrobe and bohemian looks.


5. RD Style Melanie Printed Short: I am in love with the detail and pattern on these shorts.


Some styling inspiration for these:

Stitch Fix May 16


Mother’s Day weekend is always crazy for me. Mothering is tough stuff. Looking nice takes work. I’m very thankful for Stitch Fix and how it has helped me in the last two years feel stylish and put together without a whole lot of effort.

 Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

🙂 Janice


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